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The Counseling Offices of Mark and Marcia Mariner was founded in Worcester, MA in 1992. After many years of working with couples and individuals in various offices, Mark & Marcia felt drawn to find a place that would provide their clients with a feeling of serenity and belonging the moment they walk through the door.


In 2005, a permanent retreat center, The Mariner Center was created in Auburn, MA to support individuals, couples, and groups discovering the best in themselves. It was a haven that nurtured, inspired, and brought hearts together. It began as a place to counsel others, but eventually expanded into a community that provided individuals with a deep sense of belonging.

In 2020, our community was impacted by a global pandemic that led our world to isolation and lack of human connection. Although there is no telling what the future holds, Mark and Marcia made the difficult decision to let go of their center and expand the Mariner Center's vision into an international virtual platform.

Our goal is to offer that same sense of connection and belonging to individuals across the globe who chose to be a part of our online community. Some in-person sessions and workshops offered at various dates/locations throughout the year.  


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