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Roseline Koener

Passionate about the creative process and people’s unique gifts, I invite people to unveil their original beauty and use creativity to reveal and embody their heart’s aspirations and their soul’s mission. I am workshop leader and creativity growth educator (Licensed in PRH and Terre Nouvelle, Canada) have facilitated workshops and training programs across the globe: in the United States, Hong Kong, Belgium, Italy and Canada.  


Also an international visual artist, New York Times critic Deidre S. Greben describes Roseline Koener’s work: "Though constructed of handmade paper, fabric, pastel, ink and pigments, Koener's colorful abstractions evoke the opulent hues and warm, spiritual glow of stained glass. But unlike the chapel windows they conjure up, her compositions don't dim interior light, instead they project light from within. Koener’s intensity and vibrancy of colors were originally inspired by her travels to Senegal, Africa a land full of vibrant colors, tribal rhythms, textures and patterns. Her "free flowing"process …connects different parts and circulates the energy, "melding passages punctuated by staccato rhythms, layers upon layers of color building to a harmonious crescendo."

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